Schematic Entry
Schematic capture from hand drawn sketches to full CAD data output including Bill of Materials, Netlist, etc.

Library Development
Creation of schematic symbols and PCB footprints for PCB Layouts. If you are too busy to create your own libraries, let us help you!
PCB Layout

Type of Boards:

  • Single & Double Sided
  • Multilayer
  • HDI (Microvias, Blind/Buried Vias)
  • Rigid Flex & Flex Circuits

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Design Capabilities:

  • High Density SMT Designs
  • High Speed Analog And Digital Designs
  • Rigid Flex And Flex Designs
  • High Speed Backplanes, Mother Boards
  • Power Supplies and RF/Microwave Designs
  • Constraints Rule Driven Designs
  • Controlled Impedance, Differential Pairs, Matched Length
  • Design For MFG/Test (DFM, DFT)
  • Micro BGA, Flip Chip, MCM, HDI
  • VME, CPCI, PCI, PCI Express, Mini PCI, PMC, PC104, PCMCIA
  • DDR1 / DDR2 Memory / DDR3 Memory

Materials Used:

  • FR4, Polyimide
  • Rogers, Arlon
  • Isola, Nelco
  • Getek
  • Much more.

Other Services:

  • Stack-up Analysis & Planning
  • Impedance Calculation
  • Power and GND Planes Calculation
  • 3D Mechanical Support(emn and emp files)
  • Work very closely with Fabrication and Assembly Vendors for trouble free Manufacturing
We will hand route or auto-route your PCB Layout per your rules driven constraints or list of critical nets.
Drafting of Mechanical or Electromechanical detail drawings including fabrication drawings, assembly drawings, cable drawings, etc.

PCB Fabrication

We offer fabrication (prototype and production) through our highly qualified subcontractors. Because of our high volume work with our affiliates, we offer very competitive prices.

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Advanced Design Services, Inc. offers full turn-key services including assembly and functional testing of boards through our highly specialized subcontractors.
Design Engineering
Electrical Engineering Design Services:

  • Analog/RF Circuit Design- through 10 GHz
  • RF Shielding, high speed digital/mixed signal layout techniques
  • High Speed Digital Circuitry Design TTL.CMOS, ECL, LVDS, etc.
  • Digital Timing Analysis
  • BOM, check for Parts Availability
  • Check Electrical Interfaces
  • Check Packaging requirements meet Electrical Design needs

REVERSE  Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering Services:
    • AutoCAD, Pro E, Electronic Packaging .

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